Meet Your Photographer

Hi, I’m Haresh, a professional portrait and headshot photographer based in Vienna, Virginia.

Speaking about me, my background, hobbies, family, technical training, photography gear, creativity and so on is so easy. But this is really all about you, not me. And I’d much rather focus on what you want.

You want to present the best possible version of yourself, your friends and loved ones to the world, to them and to yourself.

You want to capture something of your essence and theirs, something beyond words.

You want to feel relaxed, spontaneous and free to reveal the beauty and uniqueness of the authentic, inner you.

You want someone who understands you as a person and how you intend to use what we together have created.

You want to connect with a photographer who understands your vision and is patient and caring enough to partner with you to bring it to life.

You want someone with the technical savvy and aesthetic instincts it takes to capture a magical instant forever.

And last, you want a memorable, amazing, beautiful experience.

That’s what you’ll get from me.

Come celebrate yourself, your loved ones and the precious moments of your life.