From special events to professional headshots, photography captures pictures that are cherished and treasured. While you may be able to take many types of pictures at home, a professional photographer takes the time to craft a distinguished portrait with layers of focus and detailed arrangement. We offer in-studio sessions and on-site sessions to capture a broad selection of imagery. If you need headshots, family portraits, and performance photography, speak with New Horizons Media today! Learn more about each of our services below.

Headshot Photography

Everyone can benefit from a sophisticated headshot. Whether you need to improve your online profiles for a new position or need to create an impressive portfolio for an acting opportunity, we can get you the refined headshot you need. Learn more about our headshot services.

Corporate Headshot Photography in Purchase NY

Family Portraits

Whether it’s been years since your family has gotten a professional portrait together or you want to schedule an annual family picture update, you can never have too many pictures of your family! We can help you create memorable portraits that your immediate and extended family can enjoy for years to come. Learn more about our family portrait services.

Family Portraits in Purchase NY

Performance Photography

Putting together a large event or performance requires lots of time and effort. Through the bustle and hustle, you may not have time to remember all the details behind your hard work! With our performance and event photography, everyone will get to see your efforts on full display. Learn more about our performance and event photography.

Performance Photography in Purchase NY

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