When To Get Updated Professional Headshots (in 2024)

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In a world driven by visual impressions, a professional headshot holds significant importance. Whether you’re networking on LinkedIn, connecting through professional platforms, or even submitting job applications, your headshot is the initial glimpse that can shape perceptions. We use them in all aspects of our professional careers, yet many of us go years using the same photo. Up-to-date professional headshots ensure that you present yourself at your best, leaving a positive and lasting impression on those who come across your profile.  As we step into 2024, use this time to consider whether it’s time to update your headshot.


Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

LinkedIn has become a cornerstone of professional networking and career growth. Your profile photo is a key element of that. It’s the first thing someone sees when you connect. A current and polished headshot not only enhances your profile’s visual appeal but also conveys a sense of professionalism and commitment. In the competitive landscape of standing out online, an updated headshot can set you apart and make your profile more engaging to potential employers and clients. If you’re in a career, plan to update your headshot every 1-2 years. If you are an executive or own your own business, you should be getting new headshots yearly.



Booking Acting and Modeling Gigs

For those in the acting and modeling industries, your headshot is your calling card. Casting directors and agents rely heavily on headshots to make casting decisions. Your modeling headshot could be the thing standing between you and your dream role. Keeping your headshots current is crucial and should reflect your current look. Whether you’re auditioning for roles or seeking modeling opportunities, you should get updated headshots yearly.


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Updating Your Team Website Page

People are more interested in the people behind a brand nowadays. The team page on your company’s website serves as a window into the people behind the brand. A cohesive and updated set of professional headshots creates a unified and polished appearance, reinforcing a sense of professionalism and reliability. It’s not just about showcasing individual team members but also about presenting a collective image that resonates with clients, partners, and stakeholders. I recommend getting professional headshots


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To Use in a Speaker Bio

If your goal is to make an impact through speaking engagements, conferences, or workshops, having an updated headshot is essential for promotional materials. Whether it’s for event brochures, websites, or social media announcements, a professional headshot adds credibility and approachability to your speaker bio. It’s a visual testament to your expertise and professionalism, influencing the perception of event organizers and attendees. I recommend you get yearly headshots and update your speaker bio.


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As we navigate the evolving landscape of personal and professional interactions in 2024, the role of professional headshots remains pivotal. From making a positive first impression to securing acting gigs, influencing team perceptions, and enhancing your speaker bio, investing in updated headshots is a strategic decision with multifaceted benefits. I work with individuals and professionals to create stand-out, fine art portraits in northern Virginia and the DMV area. If you are ready to update your headshot, contact me to plan your photoshoot.

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